Why change your career to User Experience Design

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In today’s world for every business to scale is driven by software, be it fast-food, travel booking to buying groceries. While the world is competing on the same ideas to capture bigger market share, the diffentiator is no more the big idea but its execution. As the cost of developing code has come down drastically and every business has the same tools and resources, it is the user experience that will break or make the business. Great experience can be created only when the entire organization understands the user and works toward creating that great Experience.

You may have noticed that many of your colleagues love to throw in comments about ‘the bad UX’ of a product, or ‘the great UX’ of a website, and quote Steve Jobs “Design is not how it looks or feels, but how it works”. Still there is a lot of ignorance around on what these terms actually mean and huge shortage of UX resources in the industry. For India to become a leader in Digital Product Development and for the success of “Make in India” movement UX is imperative.

Here are some essential personal skills and traits of successful UX designers:


While researching people, groups and their behavior, you should be able to see the products or service from their perspective, in spite of your own.


Wanting to know why people behave the way they do, should be burning your midnight oil.

Communication skills

Objectively bring various stakeholders view point to the table and clearly communicate problem, solution, issues across all levels of people of knowledge and experience.

If you are currently in Marketing, Sales, UI design, Content writer or a Software engineer who is already has the mindset and characteristics mentioned above, career in UX could be a good bet for you.

These are the three common reasons why UX career is a lucrative, creative and manifold career.

1. The pay

2. User Experience design is the number one demand profession in the design field

3. Feeling of accomplishment of building a great product

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Nandhakumar Vasanthasekar
CX Director & CEO dreamworx

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