Well Designed? Well Done! The critical role of UX designers in business success


In the past decade, the IT industry has witnessed rapid progress which has bestowed a special status for it within the business world. The wave of digitalization is increasingly touching every aspect of our lives. Artificial intelligence and IoT are expected to take-over our tomorrows through sophisticated smart machines that can identify our daily needs. In this swiftly changing technology environment, one of the job roles that is becoming more and more important is that of UX designers. They have been key to the success of many technological innovations and applications so far and they continue to significantly contribute to the growth and success of IT driven businesses.

UX Designers Working in the Global Business Environment

When Steve Jobs came up with his ground-breaking products designed based on the principles of ‘simplicity’ and ‘sophistication’, not many knew that Apple, as a company, would revolutionize the technology world. He clearly focused on delivering the ultimate user experience by keeping the products ‘simple’. The company has witnessed great success and its India innings has been quite promising too. In a recent interview with The Hindu Business online magazine, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., expressed the company’s growing interest in the Indian market. In a statement, he said, “The company has been thinking in every single way to make the user experience better for Indian consumers.” On the global platform, the company continues to battle competition in delivering products and applications that give an amazing experience to its users. India will be the only third country globally to assemble iPhones.

As global brands explore new markets with new products, the focus will be on developing more and more consumer-centric features. UX designers will face new challenges as products penetrate new markets. The differences in cultures can significantly influence the design process. According to Elisa M del Galdo and Jakob Neilsen, authors of the book International User Interface, ‘It is no longer enough to simply offer a product translated in ten to twenty different languages. Users also want a product that acknowledges their unique cultural characteristics and business practices.’ With Artificial Intelligence and IoT rising to prominence, the factors of cultural and lifestyle differences will be very critical for user experience design in future. Companies that address these factors and set strategies to enhance user experience will have a greater chance of becoming successful.

The Future of UX Design

The internet penetration has been growing at a rapid scale across the world. In India, the internet economy has been expanding and it has started contributing to the GDP of the nation. The devices we use are getting smarter with technological advancements. Amidst this technological and economic evolution, the future of UX design is expected to revolve around the needs of consumers. Today, we have search engines and social media sites that are designed to display advertisements based on the interests of the individual users. In future, similar concept of customization may spread across various devices that we use in our daily lives. For instance, the Bluetooth connected speakers at our home may be able to play our favorite songs when we enter a room. The developments in the field of artificial intelligence may reduce the need for UI which require human involvement. Thus, the user experience delivered through super sophisticated and intelligent devices in future is expected to be much more delightful.

Ramachandran Thencheri
Consultant – Strategy I UX Design I Brand I Marketing
Director – Marketing & Customer Success at Dreamworx

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